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20+ Ways to Accent Tragus Piercings to Perfection

Tragus piercings have become an intricate part of the body piercing world in the last few years or so, mainly because they deliver a form of uniqueness that is unlike any other type of ear piercing. The tragus is the flap of cartilage located at the inner center of the ear. While many people believe that this is a bone, it is in fact just cartilage, making it very easy and safe to pierce. Since you can easily use multiple types of body piercing jewelry in the tragus, it has become popular amongst both genders. You can often find individuals with studs, barbells or hoops in their tragus piercing, however since many people opt for multiple piercings in this area, the most common form is a stud.

For females, a tragus piercing is usually done in conjunction with other ear piercings. While it not uncommon to see someone with no other piercings but their tragus, it is much more common to see these types of piercings as the finishing touch to multiple ear piercings that travel up the ear. You may also find that women prefer either stud or hoops in their tragus, while men are more privy to barbells or spikes.


From a historical and cultural standpoint, the tragus piercing has been around since the Native American tribes. Back in these days, certain tribes would showcase their social status with multiple piercings and tattoos, one of which being the tragus piercing. While these types of piercings often came equipped with much larger objects in them such as sticks, animal bones and plated objects, it set the tone for later generations to take the idea and evolve with it.


Today, you will often find that tragus piercings can be stretched to host circular body jewelry or larger stones that rest in the center of the piercing. This technique has become more and more popular amongst the younger generations, however it does need to be done in steps to avoid infection and disfiguring of the skin.


The art of tragus piercings can deliver a wealth of creativity to those who bear them. Body jewelry designed for this specific type of piercing is manufactured in creative colors, designs and shapes to accommodate all types of fashion senses and taste preference. One of the most common forms of tragus piercing jewelry is silver or gold barbells that rest in the center of the tragus. You will often find these colors popular for hoops as well. Curved barbells are usually found in a more diverse array of designs that may come attached with various charms, either at the tip of the barbell or dangling just below inside the ear canal.


Taking care of a tragus piercing may seem like a bit of work, but it is just another common misconception among hesitant individuals. Cleaning a tragus piercing is just as easy as any other type of piercing. Use alcohol or only astringent that your piercing professional provides or recommends. Many professionals will often supply you with antiseptic ointment after you have it done which will keep the area well lubricated. You may not be able to rotate the piercing right away  due to natural swelling but after a few days, you will need to rotate the jewelry in order to ensure that the entire hole is moist and infection free.


Still not sure which type of tragus piercings fit your individual body art taste? Take a look at these amazing ideas that can help you decide which type of piercing, position or tragus jewelry is right for you.




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