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25 Best Finger Tattoos For Men

What used to be a common sign of prison time, finger tattoos for men are no longer just a sign of toughness and bad behavior. Some men can be quite crafty with their finger tattoo ideas whether it’s a way of expressing themselves or as a way of dismissing others. Either way, there are cool designs that will not lose meaning even when turned into small finger tattoos.

Between lion, skull, wolf, gun, rose, symbols and lettering designs on your index, middle, ring or pinky finger, these clever and cool finger tattoos will give you plenty to consider!

Best Finger Tattoo Ideas

With such little surface area per finger, some of the most popular ideas are words, hearts, tribal symbols or any other simple illustration that can be made to fit on a finger! Another key decision you may need to make is which finger you get tattooed. Finger tattoos can really be done on any of the fingers, but are most popularly illustrated on the thumb, middle finger, ring finger, or side finger.

Finger Tattoo Ideas

Certain symbols might be easy to scale down for the finger canvas while others may not. With this in mind, be careful in choosing the right finger tattoo for you so that you’ll be satisfied with it long term.

Here are some examples of the best finger tattoo designs.

Finger Letter Tattoos

Wedding Ring and Couple Tattoos

Ring finger tattoos for guys almost always involve some sort of wedding ring or band design. It’s common to use the Celtic knot that symbolizes union. You can get matching tattoos with your partner too.

Ring Finger Tattoos


Middle finger tattoos are not nearly as one-dimensional as you might think, and some are funnier than threatening or dismissive. However, if you enjoy flipping people off and you’re a fan of sarcasm, there are plenty of awesome finger tattoos that will make your middle finger stand out even more.

You can ink a “Bite Me” quote on your middle finger or even another middle finger on your middle finger. The possibilities are endless.

Inspirational Quotes

“True Love” and “Thug Life” are probably some of the most common quotes you’ll ever see tattooed on someone’s fingers. While they may be fitting to some, their abundance has rendered these quotes a bit cliché.

Finger tattoos and their meaning should not be limited to what you see on other people. Put something of yourself into a quote even if other people can’t relate to it. Furthermore, you don’t have to get inked with an 8-letter quote. You can tattoo entire sentences vertically on your fingers.

Message Finger Tattoos For Men

You may even have enough room for your wedding vows or your father’s dying words. Make sure it’s something you would want to read for the rest of your life.


Symbols make for awesome finger tattoos because they don’t need to take up much space. Popular choices include finger tattoos for men that are closely related to their line of work. You can see a lot of anchors, planes, swords, etc.

Tribal Finger Tattoos

Another way to make even the smallest tattoos meaningful is to go with the classic Celtic tribal designs. Those intricate patterns always come with a deeper meaning attached. You can use them as symbols of union, strength, wisdom, courage, or even protection against the supernatural.


Numbers make for cool finger tattoos for guys too. They’re quite similar to symbols as there are certain cultures that regard numbers as signs of good luck. Or maybe you just want to intimidate your adversaries at the final table with your royal flush 5-finger tattoo. Either way, numbers have deep meaning associated with them which is not lost when used in small tattoos.

Black vs. Colors

You can see plenty of finger tattoos for men in color because it’s quite the trend these days. However, due to how much we use our hands on a daily basis, the color degrades faster on finger tattoos as opposed to tattoos that are hidden. Black or black and white tattoos will retain their quality for much longer so it’s something you should consider.

Cool Finger Tattoos

For inspiration and design ideas, check out the cool finger tattoos below.

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