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30+ Different Tongue Piercing Options for Men and Women

There’s something so cool about the tongue ring. Is it because you can only see flashes of it while talking to someone? Is it because you can play around with it in your mouth? Is it for other … ummm … oral reasons? Whatever the case may be, if you’re into tongue piercings, you’ve got to check these ones out.

Of all the different body piercing options that you have, tongue piercing is by far the most common and diverse. Unlike many other types of piercings, the tongue can be pierced in a variety of different ways and can also be modified as well. There have been some amazing things done in the world of tongue piercing from quadruple piercings to split tongues to zippers placed on both sides of a split tongue. If you can imagine it, chances are it can probably be done!


While the majority of individuals usually opt for just a single tongue piercing, using a simple barbell placed in a vertical position through the center of the tongue – the games to not stop here. You can also pierce the tongue in a horizontal manner that showcases two barbells on the surface of the tongue as well.

Many people are hesitant to withstand a tongue piercing since there are arteries in the tongue that control breathing. While you will need to be quite conscious of the way you pierce your tongue, professionals take their job very seriously and will usually take all precautions to ensure that the job is done right, safely and of course in the most sanitary manner possible.


Looking to get a bit more eccentric when it comes to your tongue piercing? Why not get multiple piercings done using both vertical and horizontal barbells in a pattern? Many people opt for this type of tongue piercing as it showcases a more diverse form of creativity and of course, it looks absolutely insane!

While splitting the tongue may not exactly be classified as  traditional tongue piercing, many individuals that opt to have the procedure done, also get a wide variety of tongue piercings as well. From vertical to horizontal piercings to using multiple studs to accent their split modification – these individuals showcase courage, bravery and of course, an awesome sense of body piercing style!


When getting your tongue pierced, you can expect a decent amount of swelling to occur after the procedure is done. While many people will admit that the piercing itself may hurt a bit, the majority will also admit that the clamp used to position the procedure hurts a lot more than the actual needle does. Most people utilize a standard surgical steel barbell to initiate their tongue piercing, however after the healing process is over, they opt for more unique and diverse selections of tongue jewelry.


This type of jewelry accommodates the width of any tongue since it is a bit longer than any other type of body jewelry available on the market. Most of the vertical tongue piercing jewelry is straight barbells to ensure that nerves and arteries are not placed in harms way while the piercing is in place. However, for those individuals that opt for horizontal tongue piercings, a curved barbell is usually placed in the hole to ensure proper mobility of the tongue at all times.


Many people believe that once you have your tongue pierced that you will lose your sense of taste or ability to move your tongue around as normal. This is far from true. If it occurs in any way shape or form, you should contact your piercer immediately as something may be a bit off with your piercing.

When it comes to aftercare for your tongue piercing, mouthwash will become your best friend for the first few weeks. Listerine is a strong antiseptic mouthwash that will keep your piercing clean from bacteria and germs that can cause an infection. While smoking is the fastest way to generate bacteria in your mouth, many professionals will recommend that you use the mouthwash before and after any meals, smoking or drinking to keep the interior clean at all times.


Take a look at some more amazing ways that tongue piercing can be done – you may be shocked at how many options you actually have!



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