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Rock Your Medusa Piercing with Style and Confidence

Lip piercings are sexy! They highlight the mouth and draw in people who are looking at them. The central upper lip piercing is what’s known as a Medusa piercing, and many people get them in combination with the lower lip too. Stuck for lip piercing ideas? You might be in the market for a Medusa.

Lip piercings can be both fun and interesting, however the Medusa piercing is one that many individuals are opting for since it creates such a simple addition to accent the lips. Many individuals say that the lips are one of the sexiest parts of the body and lip piercings always see to make them just a bit sexier! A Medusa piercing is located in the very center of the lip just above the lip line. This section of the lip is referred to as the philtrum. While these types of piercings usually accommodate only a simple stud or ball, we’ve seen many interesting choices when it comes to piercing jewelry.

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While the Medusa piercing is only one of the various types of piercings done on the upper lip, it is becoming on of the most common. Being that Medusa piercings are done in that cute part of the lip that created that little indent, or dimple as some people like to call it, it is more easily recognizable than any other lip piercing. Due to this location, many people often refer to this type of piercing as the Cupid’s Bow, as well.


Although many have often tried, Medusa piercings can only be done with single, horizontal piercings. The location is the mirror opposite of the labret piercing and in turn, uses the exact same labret stud jewelry. Considered a “dual care” piercing due to the location, you will need to treat the inside and outside of the Medusa piercing differently when it comes to aftercare.



Immediately following the piercing procedure, you should watch what you eat and drink since the piercing will be directly affected. Especially during the first week or two, smoking is unacceptable as it can increase the chances of infection. While clear alcohol and wine are permissible, you should also stay away from beer since it contains yeast.


Medusa piercings are usually done with a 16 or 14 gauge labret stud to ensure enough space is accounted for. While you will most likely be pierced with an extra long gauge initially, this is done to accommodate the natural swelling that you will experience during the healing process. After 6 weeks or so you will notice that the swelling will disappear and the jewelry can be changed.


The average healing time for Medusa piercings is usually about 6 – 12 weeks, however if you smoke you will probably need more time since your blood contains less oxygen flowing freely. This will accommodate the surface portion of the piercing, however the entire healing process, tissue and all, can take anywhere up to 6 months to fully heal. While you will not feel swelling or pain during this time, you will notice that the piercing may feel sore at various times, especially when changing the gauge.


Medusa Piercing Aftercare

Such an incredibly sexy piercing should be handled with care to ensure that it remains as such. Man people find that using a Q-tip with ointment is the easiest way to keep the surface piercing lubricated and free from infection. However, since the inside of the piercing is located in such a delicate spot, rubbing against the gums, the easiest way to provide aftercare is using antiseptic mouthwash and staying away from sugary or salty foods that can leave build up around the jewelry. For the first few weeks, it may be extremely difficult to lift your upper lip in order to see or clean the interior piercing, this is where the mouthwash will come in handy. After the swelling subsides, there are certain ointments that are safe for internal use – ask your piercer what they recommend before buying an product.

Take a look at some of these awesome Medusa piercing ideas to get a better look of how your piercing will look once it is complete.






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