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50 Best Leg Tattoos For Men

Leg tattoos can be incredibly masculine and cool when done right. From a full leg sleeve to just getting the lower leg inked, there are many leg tattoo ideas to choose from. Tattoos on your leg can be truly awesome pieces of artwork because the canvas allows for amazing designs. For example, the different parts of the leg such as the thigh, knee, calf and shin can all have different designs or combine for a badass look. The nice part about getting a leg tattoo is that it can be visible or hidden when needed. Whether guys want an upper or lower leg sleeve tattoo or small and simple design, check out the best leg tattoos for men to inspire your creativity and thoughts. Explore all the coolest men’s leg tattoo designs to find a stunning piece for your artist to ink on you!

Leg Tattoo Ideas

Full Leg Tattoo

One great option for a leg tattoo is to fill the entire space – there’s a lot of it, which means that there’s plenty of room to fill. This can mean different things; some people opt for a full-length leg sleeve, while others create several smaller tattoos that are all connected and follow a similar theme. Design-wise, there’s a lot of room for creativity, so consider exploring eye-catching color, one-of-a-kind art, or detail-oriented linework for the ultimate statement piece.

Full Leg Tattoo

Colorful Full Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Best Leg Tattoo Ideas

Lower Leg Tattoo

A great place for a tattoo is the lower leg. This can mean anything below the knee, from the calf to the shin, or even a spot on the ankle. Designs that wrap around the leg are popular to get the most use out of the space, though your ink doesn’t have to be gigantic to be beautiful. When working with your tattoo artist, consider an original piece that will draw the gaze to your design.

Lower Leg Tattoo

Leg Tattoos For Guys

Lower Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Side Leg Tattoo

As one of the more visual parts of your lower extremity, the side of the leg is an ideal spot for a tattoo. This ink is all about the placement, so make sure that the design matches your aesthetic, whether it’s big and bold or sleek and subtle. Many men choose a wrap-around style or a vertical placement that works its way up the calf or thigh.

Side Leg Tattoo

Side Calf Tattoos For Men

Front of Leg Tattoo

The front of the leg is prime-time real estate for fresh and original ink. Also known as a men’s shin tattoo, this type of body art is meant to showcase your personality. Go for a tat that you want to show off, that allows you and your leg to stand out. Be warned that this can be a painful area for the needle, and prepare yourself for that.

Front of Leg Tattoo For Men

Cool Leg Tattoos For Men

Shin Tattoos

Calf Tattoo

The calf tattoo is one of the least painful areas to get a tattoo, but definitely one of the coolest spots for ink. Though not immediately visible to your own eye, having a tattoo immediately staring back at people behind you is a pretty badass look! For these reasons, the calf is one of the most popular placements for men’s leg tattoos. With plenty of muscle to showcase, calf tattoo designs are often fully-developed, intricate, and end up being beautiful pieces. Color or heavy dark shading are both common and awesome.

Calf Tattoos For Men

Small Calf Tattoo Ideas

Tribal Calf Sleeve Tattoo

Back of Leg Tattoo

For a masculine take on a lower-body tattoo, consider a back-of-the-leg tattoo. This spot is unique because, like any back-oriented ink, it’s less visible to you, but typically more visible to other people. You might even forget it’s there. However, with the right design, you’ll be happily reminded when a stranger reminds you how cool your tattoo is and asks where you got it done.

Back of Leg Tattoos For Men

Awesome Back of Leg Tattoos

Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Though most people associate sleeve tattoos with arms, you can design a full-length piece for your leg as well. In this case, the sleeve extends from the knee or thigh area to the ankle, marked with a cohesive and artistic design that’s just about as bold as it gets. Many men opt for dark shading, bold shapes and patterns, and intentional use of color to fill in their sleeve, often following a theme.

Leg Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Cool Leg Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Cool Leg Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Men

Half Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Because men’s legs have the advantage of height, it makes them an ideal candidate for a large tattoo; even a half-leg sleeve can sometimes be just as long or longer than an arm sleeve, depending on your height and wingspan. You can go for a knee-to-shin or an ankle-to-shin design, depending on your preference.

Half Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Male Half Leg Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Tribal Leg Tattoo

If you have the appropriate heritage and cultural roots, a tribal tattoo would be fitting for a substantial leg piece. The stand-out features of a tribal tattoo are big, black lines and shading with curved edges and bold patterns. Many times, there are also nature-inspired symbols and elements. To do this tattoo style justice, men typically dedicate their entire leg to a massive design. The result is a masculine, mostly-black leg that is an impressive ode to tribal culture.

Tribal Leg Tattoos For Men

Male Tribal Thigh Tattoo

Full Leg Tribal Sleeve Tattoo

Thigh Tattoo

The thigh is a less visible option for a tattoo, which makes it appealing for many men who want to keep their ink more of a private surprise, unless they’re known to wear shorter shorts or swimming trunks. Either way, this location is perfect for a design that wraps around the leg in a fluid connection. As a bonus, a thigh ink is less painful than other parts of the leg since there’s more muscle.

Thigh Tattoos For Men

Cool Full Thigh Tattoos For Men

Tribal Thigh Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Full Thigh Tattoos For Men

Wrap Around Leg Tattoo

The leg is an ideal spot for a tattoo that wraps around, starting at one side and continuing around until it meets in the middle. There are several types of design ideas, from classically masculine – think, barbed wire – to more contemporary, like a forest of trees. Animal-inspired ink is also a popular choice, especially with creatures who bend and curve naturally, like snakes.

Wrap Around Leg Tattoo

Best Wrap Around Leg Tattoos For Men

Simple Leg Tattoo

Though the leg allows for room for massive designs, sometimes a smaller, simple tattoo is a better fit. Minimalist tattoos that focus more on line work rather than extensive shading are common, as well as a small phrase, symbol, or pattern.

Simple Leg Tattoos For Guys

Best Simple Shin Tattoos

Small Leg Tattoo

Similar to a back placement, the leg is a big space that is also accommodating for small-sized tattoos just as much as a grand statement piece. There are numerous reasons why a small tat is a better option, varying from occupation to pain tolerance to just having a quieter, more simplistic design in mind, whether it’s a minimalist pattern or a short-but-sweet quote. In terms of visibility, subtle spots on the leg include right below the knee crease, as well as the ankle or thigh. If you’d rather show off your ink, the calf is ripe for the taking.

Small Leg Tattoos

Creative Small Tattoo Ideas

Small Leg Tattoos For Men

Religious Leg Tattoo

Many men choose to honor their commitment to their faith with a religious tattoo. The leg is an optimal location for this kind of ink since many biblical symbols are complementary to the shape and curve of the appendage. For example, a cross looks great going vertically up the calf and is also flattering shape-wise. Other go-to religious tattoos include written-out verses, angles, drawings of Jesus or Mary, doves, fish, or any combination of several.

Religious Leg Tattoo

Cross Tattoo on Calf

Dragon Leg Tattoo

Men who want a mystical and bold piece of art gravitate toward a dragon tattoo. These fiery creatures are ideal for the leg, as the design can complement muscles and wrap around the cylinder-like shape. Because two dragons rarely look the same, there’s a lot of room for personalization and uniqueness with this ink. Some guys opt for a Game of Thrones-inspired Drogon look-alike, while others adopt the spiral a picture-book replica from sword-in-the-stone legends. Regardless, your dragon will have plenty of room for detail and space to breathe fire if you please.

Badass Dragon Leg Tattoo

Dragon Calf Tattoo

Skull Leg Tattoo

Skull leg tattoos can look badass and amazing when inked properly. While many design ideas that involve the skull often represent death and destruction, the symbol itself can actually stand for something meaningful and inspirational. Your skull tattoo can symbolize how fleeting life can be, and because all men will die, it is important to live life to the fullest. Depending on the size and styling, a skull can fit anywhere on your leg, including your thigh, calf, or ankle.

Skull Leg Tattoo

Skull Thigh Tattoos For Men

Japanese Leg Tattoo

Formally known as irezumi, traditional Japanese tattoos are a popular choice for people who have personal connections to this culture and heritage. Because of its bold colors and use of stylized design elements – like peonies, koi fish, and curved lines, this type of ink works well for a placement that it can be admired, such as the leg. Something to note about a Japanese-inspired tattoo is that it fills the entire space with shading and color, both light and dark. Because of this, it will be a substantial piece that will require several sessions and probably a fair share of pain. However, the result will be a masterpiece.

Japanese Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Japanese Leg Tattoo

Biomechanical Leg Tattoo

Biomechanical leg tattoos that turn your body into a robotic construction are absolutely stunning. These mechanical tattoo designs are versatile and stylish, incorporating some kind of illusion of a machine working under the surface of your skin. The fact that the gears, nuts, and bolts all look incredibly tangible really bring the tattoo to life. Cool and visually exciting, guys will need a truly skilled and experienced artist for this type of unique artwork.

Biomechanical Leg Tattoos

Cool Full Sleeve Bionic Leg Tattoos For Men

Full Lower Leg Biomechanical Tattoos For Men

Celtic Leg Tattoo

Many men with Celtic heritage choose to honor their roots with a themed tattoo. This kind of art is known for its use of circles, layers, knots, and use of fours. Crosses, patterns, arrowheads, family crests, and trees are all popular variations.

Celtic Leg Tattoo

Hawaiian Leg Tattoo

Men who come from Polynesian lineage gravitate toward Hawaiian-style tattoos, and for good reason. These traditional tribal-like designs are centered on deep black shapes, intricate details, and geometric patterns and line work. Though this kind of body art looks incredible and impressive anywhere, there’s a special historic connection to the male warriors who donned these designs on their legs.

Hawaiian Leg Tattoo

Colorful Leg Tattoo

While black is a common choice for many men’s tattoos, it’s worth considering a colorful design for your leg tattoo. It’s just as masculine and also adds life and vibrancy. Color can be a significant part of the tattoo, and elevate it to the next level. Flowers, watercolor, nature landscapes, animals, or scenes from movies are all compatible choices.

Colorful Leg Tattoo

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