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50 Cross Tattoos for Women

A cross tattoo is one of the most versatile, classic tattoo choices a woman can make. From the placement of the tattoo to the type of cross to the design style and choice of colors, the options are almost infinite. But what is the history of this popular tattoo and why do so many women make this choice?

Variations and History of Cross Tattoos for Women

On seeing some examples of cross tattoos for women, it can seem obvious why so many of them choose the cross. It can be elegant, sexy or edgy and the results can be breathtaking. But for many female wearers, their choice of tattoo does have a deeper meaning.

Perhaps the most common type of cross chosen in the west is the crucifix, a ‘crossed t’ which is a popular Christian cross especially popular in Catholicism. To be clearer that this type of cross is a straight up declaration of faith, it may even include the figure of Jesus draped over it. While this seems to be more popular with men due to being better suited to a larger area, it is popular with women too, the center of the back between the shoulder blades being perhaps the best location for such a potentially elaborate piece.

Yet while for some the cross symbolizes their religious belief, it may just as likely that it has been chosen to show affinity with a range of subcultures, such as Gothic, Metal or even Punk. Gothic and metal communities have long depicted the Christian cross, be it embellished with snakes, daggers or even zombies or subverted by being drawn upside down, broken or otherwise corrupted.

But the Christian cross is not the only type. Especially worldwide, there are many other types of cross tattoos for women that can be chosen. The Maltese cross for example is still Christian in its associations, but is associated with the crusades, which can mean the embodiment of a warrior’s spirit or even symbolize a political belief. It is also strongly associated with the island of Malta itself.

Another culturally specific cross popular with women the world over is the Celtic cross. While originally associated with the European Celtic people, this has been adopted worldwide thanks to the popularity of Celtic imagery in films such as ‘Lord of the Rings’ and in popular video games such as Zelda. The emergence of cosplay conventions has only made Celtic-inspired and historical modes of dress even more popular. This type of cross looks great in simple black as it has elaborate filigree elements. It’s noble and knightly associations mean it looks great badge style on an upper arm.

One of the less frequently seen cross include the Egyptian cross, which symbolizes life and fertility. this is usually depicted in a simple black design, and can be delicate or quite chunky, making another great, versatile choice for women.

Placement Options for a Cross Tattoo

Just like Jesus on the cross, such pieces can often be full color, medium or large in size and can find a great home on the female upper arm or center back. However, if depicted in a smaller size, the chest or wrist can be great locations for such a piece.

Small simple Christian crosses are increasingly popular on a wrist or finger or behind an ear or in other discreet places. With no supporting artwork to add meaning, they lend an air of mystery such that no one knows the meaning besides the wearer. This makes them an elegant and discreet choice.

Stunning Examples of Cross Tattoos for Women


Most women across the globe love cross tattoos because they can easily customize them to represent diverse meanings and ideals. This fullback tattoo with a unique spin of the Catholic cross with swirly patterns emanating from a beautiful centrally placed flower embodies the ultimate beauty that springs from within the woman.


This beautiful cross tattoo design features a genius composition of rose flowers and the quote, �It’s a good day to die’. This tattoo covers most of the back thus bringing out even the tiniest details. It may be interpreted as the beautiful woman’s unfaltering courage to face both life and death with grace and poise.


One cross tattoos idea that is perfect for a Christian woman is the silhouette of a tree with a suitable bible verse below it. Not only does this show belief in the bible, it also exemplifies the woman’s growth in terms of spirituality.


Another cross tattoo concept that works best for the Christian woman is a combination of beautiful leaves wrapped around a bible verse. For instance, this tattoo here symbolizes the woman’s courage, strength and faith in God. It actually indicates her faith that with God, everything is possible.


This cross tattoo utilizes colorful roses that curve around the simplistic cross to accentuate it thus breaking its monotony. This tattoo can be as simple or as complex as you wish, but it brings out the femininity of the wearer. This tattoo looks great on the hand, but can be drawn wherever you wish.


The tattoo of a flower that has grown into the shape of a cross represents the beauty of life and the woman’s spiritual growth. It shows that the woman is bold about her ever-growing beauty and her dedication to her faith and beliefs.


All women love some short quotes that drive them through the hassles of life. Using these quotes in simple cross tattoo ideas goes a long way in combining beauty and resilience. This tattoo is a calligraphy version of two interlocking quotes that will give strength and courage to the wearer in any tough situation.


This tattoo style is another combination of beautiful flowers that take the shape of a cross. This tattoo symbolizes feminine beauty that blooms forever. Drawn on the inner side of the arm, this tattoo can only be seen by few close relations, and is mainly meant to spark love and desire.


This tattoo also makes use of the flowery tattoo ideas for women. All women love flowers, and there is no doubt that this gorgeous tattoo will look impeccable on a woman’s arm. The woman’s combined beauty and confidence is what this tattoo represents.


A delicate tattoo of a cross with birds flying into the sky indicates growth and success that is driven by the woman’s spirituality. It can be adapted to any site of the body and customized depending on the woman’s personal taste and preference.


Leaves and flowers have proven to be great tattoo choices for women. For instance, this tattoo creatively combines flowers and leaves into a cross shape. There is also a small bird flying towards one of the flowers. This indicates a beautiful, yet peaceful personality.


Colorful and intricate cross tattoos for girls are currently in vogue and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t rock one. This cross tattoo composed of colorful flowers and leaves is definitely the best way to express the woman’s colorful and interesting temperament.


When in doubt, minimalist tattoos ideas is usually the way to go. This tattoo resembles the infinity tattoo a little, to show the woman’s endless growth in all aspects of her life. However, this design also looks like a simplistic crucifix, and it may show the woman’s devotion to the Christian faith.


The best cross tattoo for women can be this simple – a Christian cross and a bible verse next to it. You can customize it to your own preference, but it is best for the bible verse to be quite common to avoid being asked to quote it every time.


The simple tattoo representation that displays a tiny cross surrounded by colored flowers shows that the woman embraces her spirituality with a beautiful charm. It looks great on the back, but it can be customized to fit anywhere on the body.


To add some magnificence to the simple cross pattern, this tattoo features some cool flower petals wrapped onto the cross. This shows the beauty of the woman’s beliefs and her courage to stand by them. This tattoo is perfect for confident women.


This other tattoo composition of a cross and an inspirational quote acts as a reminder of the ideals you should live by. For instance, this tattoo reminds the wearer that her faith should always supersede her fears. It is actually the best tattoo for any spirited woman.


A rosary is another great idea for women tattoos. This one includes the portrait of Mary mother of Jesus with a halo above her head. This signifies the woman’s faith and that she values prayer. This is a common tattoo for women of the Catholic faith.


Another genius idea for a rosary tattoo is having it drawn as a ring on the middle finger. This is the position of an engagement ring and having a rosary tattoo drawn here indicates the woman’s ultimate dedication to her faith.


This simple tribal tattoo provides a wonderful balance of tradition and intricacy. This tattoo is common for women who have courage, strength, dedication and a high self-esteem. Tribal tattoos usually make use of very intricate customized linear combinations that create a strong eye-catching tattoo design.


This tribal cross tattoo features sparkling pearls at the center and ends of the cross. Given its elegance, this tattoo is ideal for the more sophisticated woman. The pearl at the center of the cross indicates that her beauty originates from within, while the pearls at the ends of the cross represent her endless beauty.


This tattoo comprises of a simple cross with the word ‘blessed’ along its length. You can use any word or short quote in this tattoo. This reminds you of your self-worth and it usually comes in handy during trying moments. Such a tattoo lets you know that you are precious.


This simple tribal cross makes use of simple swirly lines to highlight any woman’s beauty. Its swirly effect is cognizant of the woman’s unending happiness that supplements her beauty. Any woman deserves a dose of joy, and this tattoo is a constant reminder of this.


Tribal crosses are common in women, as they do not limit creativity. This austere cross that’s drawn using simple lines shows that beauty is not all about a bodacious and flamboyant lifestyle. Rather, beauty can be derived from the little things in life.


The classic cross and heart tattoo can be drawn in a simple or complex manner depending on the woman’s liking. This tattoo shows love and faith, or even the passing away of a loved one whom you cherished. There is actually no limit when it comes to how to stylize this tattoo, as well as the shapes and colors you decide to use.


If you are looking for a cross tattoo in a unique area of the body, this small one on the inner forearm looks great. This simple but delicate design also features a quote just above the cross, which says “Saved by Grace”, although you can have the piece with or without this.


This tattoo uses two roses to make the shape of the cross. The vertical rose has a long stem, while the horizontal rose is daintier. This inking is ideal for those who want to get a tattoo of a cross but in a unique way.


This original tattoo features a thin blue cross, with an inky blue faded pattern surrounding it. This looks good but also stands out from other cross designs and its well worth getting if you want to stand out from the crowd.


This beautiful design is perfect if you are looking for cross tattoos for girls. The cross on the ankle shows a strong statement but the fact it is surrounding by a colorful circle of plants/flowers, really highlights the piece and gives it a touch of femininity.


Placed on the top of the back, this tattoo is beautiful and would suit many women out there. It features two intertwined bunches of flowers spread apart, complete with a cross in the middle. Its a symmetrical tattoo with some well thought out detailing.


If you are looking for tattoo ideas for women with a difference, this design definitely stands out. A pattern of varying dots, arrows and stars are put together to create the shape of a cross. Even though this is a cross, it’s quite subtle which might be perfect for what you are looking for.


This stunning tattoo features two large lilies that are crossing over each other to make a cross. Although it does have some detailing, the style of this piece is quite simple in general but it works really well.


When looking for tattoos ideas, this design looks great without being overly complicated. It’s a cross located on the inner, upper arm. Using only black ink, this patterned piece is simple yet attractive.


This piece is found on the middle of the lower back and it’s of a cross. The cross is quite wavy and leaves/flowers are intertwined into the piece for a delicate appearance that would be appealing to many girls.


An array of beautiful flowers and leaves are wound together in this design to make the shape of a cross. The line work on this piece is quite chunky which brings everything together to make a gorgeous inking.


This large inking of a cross is located on the inner forearm, although it would also look good in other areas. The chunky design has a simple outline but the inside is filled with different kind of flowers. This piece is shaded well with some beautiful detailing.


If you are looking for a large cross tattoo for women on the top of your back, this piece if worth considering. A thin branch is woven together with beautiful leaves and flowers to create the shape of a stand-out cross.


This black tattoo is of a cross but doesn’t actually have an outline, which gives it a unique appearance for an original style. The inside of the chunky design features swirly patterns and petals.


If you want a tattoo on your foot, why not choose this unique piece? Pretty flowers and leaves are used together to make the shape of a cross. Showcase your individual style with this tattoo which has a feminine touch.


You cannot get simpler than this cross tattoos idea but if a cross is something important to you, there is no need to overcomplicate things. Two black lines are used to create this design, which is located on the left shoulder blade but would also suit other areas of the body.


This beautiful tattoo is cleverly designed to look like a piece of jewelry. A “bracelet” type inking is done around the wrist with a pretty cross attached to it, coming down onto the hand.


This simple cross design looks quite simply done but has a word attached to the inking, in this case that word is “faith”. It’s located on the wrist but would actually look great on other areas of the body.


This cross tattoo design is located on the bottom of the forearm. Two stems with thorns, leaves and finished off with roses are crossed over each other to make the tattoo come together.


This inking of a cross is very simple at first glance but with an added touch. The cross itself is done in bold, black ink but there is a floral pattern going around the design that is created in a white ink.


When looking for cross tattoos, this tattoo stands out as something special. The cross is slightly chunky and colored completely in black, coming out of the cross and going down the back are birds of varying different stages of flight.


If you want a simple tattoo of a cross that is also slightly different, this design is perfect. It features two thin stems overlapping one another on the back to create the cross for a unique style.


Geometric shapes are used in this tattoo, with different shading techniques to create a stand out cross that looks truly amazing. The inking is completely symmetrical and detailed; it would suit many women out there.


If you are looking for cross tattoo ideas, this piece is worth considering if you want something bold and detailed. The simple black cross is finished off nicely with Victorian patterns around the ends.


These two large tattoos of crosses are placed on both thighs. They have some amazing detailing, with a lace effect and varying patterns. If you want to make a statement with your inking, this definitely does that.


Located on the bottom of the arm, this fairly big tattoo of a cross is done very well. Both the detailing and shading done on this piece is amazing and the large cross even has a smaller one coming off it at the bottom.

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