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50 Cute Tattoos for Women

Tattoos have long been an integral part of expressing emotions and telling stories through art, beautifully transcribed and etched on a person’s body. Tattoos have gained popularity over the recent years and are often seen as a common accessory to one’s body, much in the same way a piercing is viewed.

Tattoos also serve the purpose of attracting mates, and women often use them to tell stories about themselves or their pasts or simply because they look cute and they want to attract attention to themselves. There are a few popular locations for these tattoos that are worth noting. Girls will often get tattoos on their ankle or wrist with a small slogan or symbol.

Cute Tattoo Types

Cute tattoos for women may contain general meaningful words are often used such as “love” or “Forever”. These slogans are displays for emotions a girl may feel very strongly, something she longs for, or have a special meaning in her past. It is also popular for girls to get a small logo or image in these locations. Such things may include an anchor, semicolon, or a favorite animal; perhaps a butterfly. The anchor and semicolon are often used to represent having one am internal battle against oneself, or having struggled through a rough time and made it out on the other side. It displays strength and courage in a beautiful way.

These small non-intrusive tattoos are seen as particularly cute on girls and can often be a topic of conversation used in talking with a guy at a bar or club. Girls may also get tattoos on their shoulder or lower back. These tattoos may be of a more personal nature and often display images or words that are held near and dear to a girl. She will place tattoos in these places as sort of “Easter Eggs” for a boyfriend or lover to discover down the road.

How Cute Tattoos for Women Differ from Men’s Tattoos

Tattoos typically have a separate meaning on girls than guys. On guys they are usually patterns of flames, or thorns that are meant to display strength and toughness. On girls however, the normal intention is to provide a beautiful image that will attract the attention of men and provide a flash of art in the day-to-day life of those passing by her.

It is no doubt that girls are the ones who display the beauty of humanity and it is quite fitting that such art and imaginatively be displayed for the world to see. Cute tattoos for women are relatively inexpensive, especially so considering they last a lifetime, and the benefits are increased confidence, attractiveness, and closeness with oneself.

Your body is your own to decorate as you please, and there are few better ways than to participate in this ever-growing trend. Tattoos have the potential to make you more attractive by displaying an integral part of your personality. It shows that you are passionate about the things that matter to you in your life, and are willing to stand by those passions for the remainder of your days. Tattoos display that you are adventurous and outgoing, and willing to try new things and truly experience all that life has to offer.

Beautiful Examples of Cute Tattoos for Women


Made with the help of a few different lines, the small whale impresses with its simplicity. The flower on the whale is an elegant and gentle addition, which also has few details. It is a very good choice for a place near the ankle.


The cat tattoo inked near the wrist has a lot of realism in it. Special beauty and mystery are hidden in the black colored eyes. The full image of a cat created consists of a well-defined nose and is an excellent feminine choice.


The beauty of this unicorn tattoo is not restricted to black and white. The combination of pink and blue colors is eye catching and adds more life to the fantasy unicorn. A feminine appeal is from its dream-like state, seductive long lashes, and tail.


An hourglass tattoo that exudes femininity, clean ink gives it a polished look. The coloring work of the featured flowers is excellent and the watercolor technique maintains the watery, liquid feel. It is small, delicate, beautiful and seductive, definitely looking very desirable on your hand.


The small sitting cat tattoo on the inner arm is made of a continuous thin black outline. With several short lines for the whiskers, eyes, and nose, the image is brought out stylishly. Placed in bright flowers and loose leaves, it will not leave anybody indifferent.


Fine line flower tattoos detailing foliage. The creations are absolutely soft and each flower presents an amazing color transition from its leaves to its petals. Also, two ink lines for each are clearly noticeable. A single design, it is delightful in both matching variations.


A traditional, pretty floral tattoo, it comes with two pink flowers, one fully blossoms while the other does not. It beautifies the look of your arm. Moreover, its placement is quite unique as you can hide or display it easily if you want to.


This tattoo design of the sunflower produces a slightly pessimistic view. The thin stalk and petals that appear dull complement the idea. The blue, purple, white and yellow colors are however favorite decorations for women cute tattoos. The idea is still captivating with the line work style.


Get the hand-drawn animation, Adventure Time, inked on your upper sleeve with the upper head portion of its several characters stacked on each other. The animation style is well reflected by simple and single shading for each character, selected from light colors with a soothing effect. With its simple outline, it surely attracts many female fans of the series.


This idea showcases some wonderful nature and leaf designs. Fall leaves are inked on the collar bone in a realistic style. The color scheme is quite beautiful with the bright brown color of nature. Black and gray show the hectic beauty of death during the season.


The captivating cute tattoos idea to separate two parts of the flower using a thickly lined triangle is revealed by this cute tattoo. The inner part is inked in pink. On the outer part, black contrasts white and slightly thick line work contrasts the carefully done dot work in both leaves and petals.


This envelope is a fun design suited for a traditional style. A classic envelope tattoo, it has taken the form of a love letter. The choice for filling the closure with a simple red heart is equally creative. One of such cute tattoo ideas of envelopes placed on your neck is minimalist and elegant.


You will love this moon tattoo placed on your chest. The beautiful crescent moon consists of several intriguing patterns that add a feminine dimension. The diamonds are similarly detailed with flowers and swirls to make this a stand out as a cute tattoo design piece.


The minimalism of this arrow has created a special charm. It is symmetrical and looks calm and cool.The incorporated elements are seemingly different but still add to the charm. Thin continuous lines make you think of getting an arrow bracelet design.


Here several small flowers are located around two big flowers, making one whole tattoo on the back side of the neck. Only black work ink has been used, in a feminine approach, so the flowers look neat and distinct. In the center of the flowers is meticulous black coloring.


If you would like something attractive and small etched on your index finger, this small dove tattoo will do. It is flying and the calligraphic word expresses its inspiration visually. It can be concealed hence would never attract much attention.


Petals are falling off from this flower piece in a soft and admirable way. Pink ink, favored in cute tattoos for girls, has been used in the subtle design. Words that will touch your soul are carved in a girlie handwriting to emphasize the feminine nature for the piece.


Feel the flight with this cute swallow flying in this neck region. The shape of the bird looks amazing and stands out from the rest by appearing as a black shadow. With a chain on the neck, it will be highlighted the more.


Choose this small anchor tattoo and place it on your shoulder blade. Only a sailor’s sign, which is a hanging rope, has been included, done with a simple line touch. Though small, the anchor still looks sturdy with its sharp corners.


A series of doves flying in varied positions is inherently feminine as seen in the cute tattoos for women. Flaunt these birds in their sketched form on your shoulder blade when outdoors. Black ink brings out the fluttering and flying about as seen from far breathtaking.


Red and green realism have been employed in this piece. A slightly large rose that goes along the collar bone, its design is alluring and classy. The stalk has been drawn different, by carving a word in girlie writing from it.


To be loved is the effect of this tattoo which is a head turner placed on the shoulder. All the colors used are soft and lovely. The flower and the birds are both beautiful creations of tattoos ideas, free and blossoming reflecting our nature.


This pressed flower tattoo looks particularly realistic. Using red petals and green leaves have made this tattoo look more alive. Although the perspective is not unique, it is still fun and feminine. Smooth like the real thing, it works great on a fair skin.


The nature lover in you will adore this budding tree that extends from the shoulder blade to the ribs. At the brighter side of the cherry blossom tree are leaves in red ink. The remaining portion, the gray branches and the stem, is the darker part.


A tree with simple decoration, it remains attractive on the wrist. Contrast has been achieved by inking the two halves differently, one in light blue and the other in pink. With those colors, such tattoo ideas for women look like a cool flame.


The cute tattoo illustrates a small elephant holding a love shaped balloon with a string by its trunk. The elephant is illustrated as a grey cartoon character with part of body having a pink reflection. The balloon is suspended above the elephant.


The tattoo represents a flying bird. The bird is black in color with its wings and tail flapped open in a view from below. Some part of the bird are not illustrated which is part of the design of the tattoo.


Like most cute tattoos, this tattoo represents more than one illustration that depends on the viewer’s interpretation. The tattoo illustrates a coiled fox with its body decorated like a sea creature. The tattoo is in black and a shade of red.


This is one of the cute tattoo ideas that are simple but beautiful. The tattoo is placed at the base of the thumb. It is a crawling plant with black and green leaves and yellow and red flowers in a linear arrangement.


The tattoo is of black Dandelions floating. The tattoo illustrates two seeds that are wind dispersed placed just behind the right ear. One of the seeds which is the placed higher is smaller than the one that is placed just below the earlobe.


This is one of the unique cute tattoos idea yet beautiful. The tattoo is an illustration of a fish and scorpion circling a compass. The tattoo has shades of red and blue for the fish and scorpion while the compass comes in shades of orange and black.


This cute tattoo design is ideal for the leg around the ankle area. It is an illustration of a bird’s eye view of two fishes swimming together. One of the fish is ahead of the other. The fishes are in shades of deep red.


This particular example of cute tattoos for women is ideally placed at the back. It is a pinkish illustration of a rose flower. The stem of the rose takes the form of a calligraphic writing. The writing is scribbled heading down along the spine towards the waist.


This is one of the good cute tattoos for girls. The tattoo is at the ankle. It is a representation of open petals of colorful petals. The stem of the flower is a scribbled writing that goes down to the ankle. The petals are in shades of pink and blue.


This cute tattoo is a transparent purple flower. The flower has its filament protruding out of its small petals. At the stem of the beautiful flowers are writings in calligraphic handwriting with swirly letters. It is perfect at the legs close to the ankle.


The cute tattoo is one of the best tattoo ideas for women to have in their ankles. It is an illustration of the Salvia Purple Rain at its blossom or a flower that looks like it. The tattoo surrounds the ankle in an arc at the top of the ankle.


The tattoo concept adopted in this tattoo is similar to most flora tattoo but gives a different representation. The transparent feel of the petals creates the difference. The tattoo illustrates four blossoming petals. The petals are bluish in color with some even purple.


The tattoo is put on the legs around the ankle area. It is one of the flower design tattoos that are loved by women. It is a simple tattoo of climber flowers. It represents an illustration of two plants with various blossoming flowers at different points along the stem.


This simple black tattoo can be put on the wrist. It consists of two main elements one being a dotted line of alternating big and small dots intertwining a straight line that goes around the wrist. At various junctions, the line has a diamond and clove.


This tattoo is big and visible for a bold expression at the back of the shoulder. It is the tattoo of a dragon fly with wide wings. Next to the colorful dragon are the words “never give up.” This unique tattoo will definitely stand out.


This cute tattoo is simple and bold. It is a tattoo of four leaves that are green and yellow. The leaves on the tattoo have their textures evidently expressed through lines that represent the various veins on the leaves.


This is definitely a unique tattoo idea. It is a water color painting of the head of a cat with bold black eyes. The cat is painted in blue with a fading pink background. The whiskers are quite evident and the dark spots at the edges with flowing paint at some points.


This is a simple flower. It is a pink flower with four petals just before blossoming. It has a long green stem and one leaf attached on the stem. The cute tattoo is perfect for the hand just below the elbow on the opposite side.


This tattoo is a chain of flowers going around the ankle. It is a tattoo of different flowers attached by a thin black stem. The flowers are reddish and blueish alternating. It also has some leaves at various points of the stem.


This tattoo is an illustration of a feather attached to what looks like a barbed wire. The tattoo is black and drawn on the ankle. At the joint of the feather and the wire is a six sided black star. The star is small and not very visible.


This tattoo makes the wrist look beautiful. It is a representation of an illustration of two bears in black. One of the illustrated bears has a ribbon. The background of the two illustration is a splash of shades of blue and shades of red.


An arrow on the ankle is one of the common tattoos ideas. However, this is a different look. The arrow pointing up the legs just on a blue circulating line surrounds the arrow. The tattoo is simple but visible. It is for people who want a subtle tattoo.


This cute tattoo is of two lives that have probably fallen in spring. The reddish two leaves are similar to the leaves that are in the Canadian flag. The asymmetric arrangement of the two leaves and the use of different shades make it appealing.


The tattoo is placed at the bottom of the right ear. The earlobe does not cover it. It is a tattoo of bait. There are two feathers and a hook tied to a string. The feathers are extensively detailed with its base colored in red.


This tattoo gives the most details of the flowers. It is a cluster of petals forming a bunch attached by a thin stem. The stem has two green leaves at different points. The flowers have shades of blue and red and it is placed just around the ankle.

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