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30 Best Stomach Tattoos For Men

Stomach tattoos for men are the perfect way to highlight those abs you’ve been working on. Not only that, but you’ll look like the ultimate tough guy by getting some cool belly tattoos and showing how little pain means to you.

Regardless of your reasons, stomach tattoos for men are cool with or without a deeper meaning. With ab tattoos, lower stomach tattoos, side stomach tattoos, waist tattoos and hip tattoos to choose from, there are stomach tattoo ideas for everyone!

Best Stomach Tattoo Designs For Men

As with any location-specific tattoos, stomach tattoos for men don’t carry a certain meaning from the placement itself. They can mean whatever you want them based on the theme or style you go for.

They could indicate a certain toughness as stomach tattoos can be painful at times but remember that everyone’s pain threshold is different.

Ab Tattoos For Men

Tribal patterns and quotes probably make up most of the tattoos done in the abdominal areas. Quotes and names are fast to tattoo, and tribal designs don’t often care about how flat or wavy your skin is. Of course, you do have to use your own judgment as to what looks best on your body type. Luckily all tattoo artists have plenty of examples from past customers.

Cool Stomach Lion Designs

Best Places To Get Stomach Tattoos

When most talk about stomach tattoos they don’t realize that there’s more to your lower body than just a tiny spot of skin that covers your stomach. You have your abs, your pelvic region, your side abs that go up to your ribs.

Best Stomach Tattoo Ideas

There’s a lot of specific placement when it comes to stomach tattoos for men, some are pain related while others are necessary for the design.

Hip Tattoos

A hip tattoo is considered an intimate tattoo to get. With that said,  you now have the freedom to be a little more risque considering not everyone will get to see it. Let your imagination run wild and go a little crazy.

Hip Tattoos For Men

Lower Stomach Tattoos

If you’re a playboy then you probably like making erotic suggestions through your body art. Short of actually getting your genitals inked, lower stomach tattoos for men can be very suggestive and erotic in nature. They can also indicate a high tolerance for pain and make you look like a total badass.

Cool Stomach Tattoos For Guys

Belly Button Tattoos

The male belly button is not as sensual as a female’s belly button. This is why most belly button tattoos are rather funny if that’s the main focus of the drawing.

Best Cool Stomach Tattoos For Men

Side Stomach Tattoos

A side abs tattoo can be really cool and make you look like a tough guy. If you manage to extend a drawing from your abs up to your rib cage, it will definitely become the main topic for discussion whenever you take your shirt off. It’s always a great idea to go with a theme that invites continuity, so you may add more ink to it in the future.

Side Stomach Tattoos For Guys

Belly Tattoos

Everyone’s thought about this, but it doesn’t always work. Getting a 6-pack on your round belly won’t look good. That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of stomach tattoo ideas for guys that look amazing. Popular design choices include names, quotes, tribal tattoos, and 3D artwork.

Torso Tattoos For Guys
Do keep in mind that unless you maintain your current physique, stomach tattoos tend to change quite a bit in appearance over time. You should be extra careful when choosing a design so that it won’t be too affected by changes in weight or muscle tone.

Cool Stomach Tattoos For Guys

Here are the best stomach tattoos for guys!

Ab Tattoos For Guys

Abdomen Tattoos

Belly Button Tattoos

Belly Tattoos For Men

Full Torso Tattoos For Men

Stomach Tattoo Designs

Stomach Tattoo Ideas

Stomach Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Stomach Tattoos

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