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50 Heart Tattoos for Women

When it comes to tattoos, the symbol that dominates the scenery is that of the heart. In this article we will look at the various forms of heart tattoos, their significance and a brief history about them.

Designs, Origins & Meanings of Heart Tattoos for Women

Hearts as symbols became popular during the 14th century. This was the age when symbols were used to narrate stories in art and architecture and a common theme of such narratives involved the ever-present emotion of love in its various forms. This made it necessary to adopt a symbol as the graphical representation of love and that is how the modern heart symbol was born and gained popularity.

Red Heart

The color red is one of the most powerful colors used in pictorial representations and this color combined with the heart symbol is one of the most common symbols used in women’s tattoos and is also one of the most instantly recognizable tattoos. It usually denotes strong romantic love that cannot be put into words. It can also sometimes be used to denote being a fan of or really liking something or someone.

Arrow-pierced Heart

This form of the heart symbol originated from the folklore associated with Cupid, the god of love who in the legends would shoot his subjects with arrows to make them fall in love. Heart tattoos for women having this imagery represent or celebrate the joyous occasion of falling in love with someone. It denoted unbridled emotions and passion that is usually associated with such an event.

Broken Heart

This is another simple tattoo that manages to convey a very powerful message. It denotes the painful occasion of heartbreak associated with the ending of a relationship either due to separation or due to death. It also signifies the omnipresent fact of life that things eventually do come to an end but they still live on as memories which get interpreted really well in a tattoo.

Beating Heart

This is a more recent avatar of the heart symbol. It makes clever use of lines and textures to give an illusion that the heart is beating. This tattoo denotes the emotions of longing and missing someone. It can also denote a strong affinity to someone or for something.

Differently-colored Hearts

This breed of heart tattoos for women have risen out of the advent of emojis. The different colors represent a different form of emotion associated with love such as purple denotes passion, white denotes pure love, black denotes hate, blue denotes friendly love, green denotes a fondness, pink denotes girlish affection and so on.

Heart Tattoo’s Popularity with Women

If a survey were to be conducted of the different types of tattoos women have or would like to have, an overwhelming number of them would have the heart symbol in some form. The reason behind this is both psychological as well as due to the influence of pop culture.

Women tend to be more emotional and as such associate more with the heart. They are also introduced to the imagery of the heart from a very young age in the form of toys and literature and as such grow to associate familiarity with the symbol. In short, it is a celebration of everything a woman is and that is why women heart the heart tattoo so much.

Gorgeous Examples of Heart Tattoos for Women


This beautiful tattoo has the right amount of color to make it noticeable. It has a realistic shape with a twist of loveliness from the flowers. The color is subtle enough that it would also not draw much attention if that is the look you are going for. The contrast makes it very interesting.


This design has the shape of a heart but the detail inside makes it fascinating. The black and white also makes it simple yet gorgeous. This drawing would also look great in any size which makes it a versatile option.


This heart tattoo has several elements to it. There are hints of flowers, color, anatomical correctness, and patriotism. The details make this a great option for someone who loves variety and character. Having the different sections may also allow for a little customization.


This piece is straightforward and uncomplicated. This heart tattoo design would be great for those who do not want the standard red heart. It is a creative and stylish design that would go with many other designs you may have.


The link between beauty and anatomy meet in this piece gracefully. The flowers wrap around the heart which helps show that shape of the heart and design. The black and white makes the tattoo simple. However there is a great deal of details.


There are many tattoo ideas for hearts. This one is very smart and stands out. The flowers growing out of the heart is beautiful. The design of the heart encased in a vase is great. The black and white design is attractive.


This would be the perfect heart tattoo for girls. With all of the flowers and the dandelion, it is beautiful and very detailed. It would fit within a series of other tattoos or on its own. Color can be added for a little more individuality.


The color of this design makes it stand out. The anatomically correct heart is a great heart tattoo for women idea. The colors are not confined to the lines of the drawing making it look like a water color painting.


The jewel-like drawing of this heart gives it a beautiful finish especially with its interesting lines. The heart is surrounded by an intricate design that adds to the overall picture. The detail of the hanging chain is a great way to add to the piece without going overboard.


The three heart tattoos are different sizes. They have uneven coloring and lines, however this gives them character and allure. The hearts look hand drawn. The design can be easily customized allowing for different color choices. The type of shading looks like water colors.


This tattoo has elements of geometry with a real heart feel. There are different types of shading giving it depth. There are lines, dots, and stippling that work together to make the geometric shapes. The shapes work together to make an actual heart shape without looking like a heart.


This heart tattoos idea has amazing detail. The deep red surrounded by black gives the heart interesting tone and makes it look like its glowing. The design surrounding the whole heart is detailed and complex. Overall it is intricate and beautiful.


The drawing of this heart is realistic. The coloring also adds a great deal of realism. There is the right amount of detail – for example, the smoke coming from one of the openings or the tiny bubbles surrounding the heart.


The clasping of the hands in this design show unity and love. The hands have enough detail to look realistic. The background is filled with black to complete the heart shape, allowing the hands to be the center of the piece.


The design of this example of heart tattoo ideas is great for women and girls. The heart looks like a diamond or gem. Colors can be added to make it stand out or to personalize it. The drawing has clean lines and looks effortless.


The waves are in the shape of an anatomically correct heart. There are many shades of blue that fill out the piece. There are details like white caps on the waves, lines, and bubbles surrounding the whole piece.


This tattoo is very close to a realistic heart with great style choices which make it one of the great tattoo ideas for women. The heart is surrounded by a diamond shape. Within the diamond there is a wide triangle. They both encompass the heart.


Two fingerprints come together to make a heart. This is one of the most unique heart tattoo ideas. This would be a great way to incorporate your own prints or someone else’s, or maybe a combination of the two. Color can also be added to change it up.


This drawing has 3 elements. The heart is broken into a diamond section, a heartbeat, and a real heart piece. This is an interesting design that takes 3 different ways to show a heart and puts them together. The real heart piece is full of detail.


This heart has the idea of a real heart but with more whimsy. There are several details from the lace to the leaves. The numbers add a great conversation starter. The shading adds depth to the overall piece and keeps it simple.


This is an artistic, idealized portrayal of the heart. The color behind the flowers makes them pop. While it is shaped like a real heart, it does not actually look like one. The triangle surrounding it helps give it a specific shape.


This black heart is in a recognizable shape. However, the teeth that are laced in it make it uncommon. This would be ideal for a fan of horror. Or the teeth can be done in any shape.


This design has a modern art feel. There is a great deal of detail from the arrow to the circles of dots. Every inch of this piece has something different. There are also lines and little arrow heads that add to the overall design.


This design is a very recognizable red heart but it has added elements to make it unique. The words “let the heart soar” are on a banner across the heart, completed with beautiful white wings in the back.


This three heart design morphs a regular heart to an anatomically correct heart. All three hearts are the same size. It turns the simple into the complex. The real heart is very detailed. The middle heart is in mid-transition mode.


This heart tattoo is an elegant and honest depiction of a woman’s heart. The heart itself is portrayed in a single color with many delicate lines running across it signifying a strong but caring heart. On the top of the heart is a bunch of roses signifying a colorful and jovial nature. The realism of the roses makes this entire tattoo look stunning.


Heart tattoos can be a great way to represent a range of emotional states and this one captures a common state that women often find themselves in. It is a mosaic of a heart that looks like it has been broken into many pieces but is still staying together signifying a strong woman brave enough to face the world in spite of heartbreak. The use of different shades of red adds an ethereal feel to the tattoo.


This is one of the most classy heart tattoo ideas out there. It is a simple plant in the shape of a heart. It signifies the fact that women are harbingers of new life. The monochromatic color scheme and the small delicate leaves on the plant give this tattoo a very refined look.


This heart tattoos idea is perfect for a woman with many dimensions. It depicts a heart on a bed of roses. The roses are in a single color scheme while the heart itself is depicted as a gem with multiple facets and in brilliant red – a truly beautiful and attention-grabbing tattoo.


One of the most sensual heart tattoo design, this one captures the essence of being a woman which is to be delicately beautiful but still be strong enough to bring new life into this world. It is minimalistic in approach and shows a heart with some small plants and flowers blooming from it. It uses intelligent shading to make the maximum impact despite its diminutive nature.


Heart tattoos for girls can be a great way to showcase their ever-changing emotions and their ability to exhibit many different characteristics. This is a monochromatic heart with plenty of lines and dots to give it depth. On top of it are splashes of yellow and blue and on the bottom is the outline of a flower in red. This is a tattoo that has a raw and visceral beauty to it.


This heart tattoo for women is perfect for those women who do not want to get a lot of ink but would still like an elegant tattoo that just exudes class. The heart’s outline is formed by a vine with five strategically placed flowers in pink. It looks very classy and works like dynamite.


Some tattoo ideas for women can perfectly capture even the genetic makeup of women and this is one of those tattoos. Women are said to be more creative and free thinking and this colorful tattoo in blue, pink, and purple mimics their colorful personalities. It is also surrounded by a scattering of four-pronged stars to give the heart a sparkling look.


This is one of those tattoos ideas that takes its inspiration from the art and architecture of the medieval times. It shows a monochromatic heart with delicate shading to give it incredible depth and shape while the bottom of the heart is covered by a highly intricate and symmetric flower with multiple layers. It represents the depth of a woman’s heart.


The one thing in nature that is ubiquitous with girls is flowers and this tattoo uses a combination of flowers, some of which are delicate while the others are a bit more pronounced. Even though the flowers are arranged in a haphazard manner the outline of a heart is perfectly formed without having to cut any corners. It perfectly shows the ability of women to make sense out of chaos.


This tattoo inspired by the works of some of the greatest Renaissance artists is all about the symmetry. Every single line has a matching opposite and it is perfect for highly composed women who can exhibit a wide range of emotions and abilities with equal ease. The single tone of tattoo classes it up even more.


This is a wonderfully simple tattoo that can be perfect to instill self-belief in girls. The words “I am” iterated three times can act as a great motivational tool while the heart itself is subtly beautiful and is able to achieve a lot without taking up too much space.


If you are a strong and independent woman then this is a great tattoo for you. It depicts a heart with multiple arrows going through it. It also has a banner going around the heart that says ‘We are not our failures’, and that perfectly sums up most women. The use of contrasting bright colors adds plenty of character to this tattoo.


Inspired by Persian art, this tattoo looks more like a piece of jewelry than a tattoo. It is highly intricate and uses various shades of green to give the heart the look of a well-cut gem. The many symmetric lines and patterns give this tattoo a unique flair and it is great for women who love class over swag.


This tattoo takes the classic imagery of a bleeding heart to the next level. The heart is presented in dual tone with the top part of the heart shown in black while the bottom is shown in red. It symbolizes the darkness trying to take over the heart but the heart is still fighting back to stay pure. Its undefined edges give it a more modern look.


A woman’s heart is a whirlpool of emotions and this tattoo artistically represents that perfectly. The bottom of the heart is shown to be similar to a raging wave. The entire tattoo uses many thin curved lines that are placed very close to each other to give it a very complex look.


If you are a woman or girl who has a very bright disposition and always like to be jovial then this is a great tattoo for you. The uses of a warm tone of blue combined with white flowers and a yellow moon inside the heart make this tattoo very beautiful and meaningful at the same time.


This one is modeled after the glass paintings found in medieval churches but gives it a darker tone by using only the color black. The heart is ultra-realistic and it could actually be used to teach some biology if needed. It is also a subtle nod to the expression of carrying your heart on your sleeve.


Red and black are two colors that complement each other very well and this tattoo uses this to great effect. The tattoo is simple in its execution and uses up very little space but is hard to miss. The unique shading and placement of the tattoo give it a one of a kind look.


One of the most beautiful tattoos that you are going to come across, this is a perfect example of how something can be highly intricate and complex and yet be beautiful like a woman. The flowers in the front and the back of the heart have a brilliant hue of magenta while the heart itself is made up of complex pattern work.


If you are a woman who loves fairy tales and unicorns then you will love this tattoo. The heart is depicted as leaving a trail of a rainbow-colored cloud while the heart itself has a beautiful scene of a starlit night inside it. The heart is enclosed in a star to signify how woman are beautiful and magnificent just like stars


This is a very clever tattoo that shows a hand making the heart and the brain to dance to its whims like a puppeteer would with his puppets. It can mean a lot of things like always having your heart or mind under control or it could signify modern media and culture that plays with our minds and hearts. The heart, brain and the hand are incredibly detailed and realistic.


It is said that there is no love greater than the love a mother has for her child. This bold and highly stylized tattoo depicts this incredible love beautifully. The detailing and pattern work in this tattoo is immaculate and it all comes together to narrate a beautiful story.


If you like the macabre elements of life then you will find this tattoo very appealing. It depicts a heart that is receiving some kind of life support. All the tubes surrounding the heart and the heart itself are wonderfully accurate and detailed and it scores very highly when viewed from an aesthetic point of view.


This is another one of those tattoos that is incredibly beautiful but is elegantly simple. The heart is made up of many triangles arranged neatly to form a perfect heart. A splash of red and blue is added which bleeds out from the top giving the tattoo a very artistic look. If you want a small tattoo that can have a lot of impact, then go for this one.

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