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50 Tiny Tattoos for Women

The latest tattoo trends are all about delicate designs with deeper and specific meaning. Great celebrities like Rihanna, Adele and Carrie Underwood all rock small tattoos. They promote style and enhance beauty as well.

What Tiny Tattoos for Women Symbolizes

Below are some of the most popular tiny tattoos for women and what they symbolize.


A butterfly in real life undergoes a complex cycle and eventually matures into adulthood. It changes from a not-so-likable caterpillar to an incredibly colored beauty. Therefore, this tattoo symbolizes growth and rebirth.

It represents transformation, success, and grace. It is popular as it is a constant reminder that one’s past life is over and they should focus on new resolutions and life as a whole. A woman who has undergone a divorce or heartbreak is most likely to wear it.


Aim for the sun; you might reach the moon if not the stars. This is a common inspirational quote, popular in the society. A star on your skin symbolizes ambition, determination and focus towards a certain goal or objective.

Just as the stars shine with a command, it represents success and glory. It is popular among women as it motivates and brings out the best in them. In addition, women are the shining stars of the society.


In the recent past, paw tattoos have increased in popularity among the ladies. Each paw usually has its meaning. For instance:

  • A dog’s paw shows loyalty and friendship
  • A lion’s paw shows strength and pride
  • A kitten’s paw shows humor and playfulness just like a little kitten

In America, almost every home has a pet. This is the reason why they are popular. They bring out the love a lady has for her pet and friends.


This is probably the simplest, self-explanatory yet deepest of them all. Anyone with this tattoo was probably motivated differently by life around her. Some of the ideas that the heart represents include:

  • Love for husband or boyfriend
  • Love for life and humanity
  • Hope of finding love
  • Self-love and esteem

They represent various aspects depending on the location and the motivation behind the acquisition. However, on most cases, the heart tattoo is a show of commitment, great heart, and loyalty.


If you see someone with the moon tattoo, they are probably the coolest and kindest people you will ever see. Sometimes the wolves are silent, and only the moon shines and howls.

This piece is popular for it is extremely small and easy to look at and understand. It is also widely worn as the moon shines all over the world. It mostly represents calm, peace, harmony, comfort, happiness and sometimes love.


Did you know that you can represent a bible verse in a tattoo? The deer follow the verse: Psalms 1:33 “He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He makes me stand on the height.”” This piece of art is popular among the spiritual and religious women. It represents faith and belief in God.

Choosing Your Tiny Tattoo

As you look for a tattoo that suits you best, research and select one that will still mean a lot in 40 years to come. You should also relate it to your current life, your life goals and the fashion trend.

With the above highlighted tiny tattoos for women, you can never go wrong.

Gorgeous Examples of Tiny Tattoos for Women


The tattoo in this image is of three paw prints on a woman’s ankle. The tracks depicted in this image appear to be paw prints from a cat, but this design could be altered to depict cat paw prints, dog paw prints, or any other sort of paw prints.


The tiny tattoo idea shown in this image is of a stylized pink heart which has been tattooed on a woman’s wrist. The black contour line of the heart looks as if it was hand-drawn, and the pink color inside the lines is textured, almost like what would be seen in a watercolor painting.


The tiny tattoo ideas shown in this image are various astrological symbols which have been tattooed on a woman’s ankle. The design includes a five-pointed star, a lightning bolt, a crescent moon and the planet Saturn, as well as some smaller stars among them.


The tattoo idea shown in this image is of a heart which has been tattooed on a woman’s neck. This is not a stylized heart, as is typical of hearts in tattoos, but rather this is an anatomically accurate heart tattoo which depicts the human heart as it really is.


This idea of tiny tattoo for women is of three flowers which have been tattooed behind a woman’s ear. Two of the flowers have bloomed, whereas the third one hasn’t. The design could be altered to feature any kind of flower.


The tiny tattoos for girls idea shown in this image is of a black and white seahorse which has been tattooed on a girl’s hip. The design of the seahorse is very true to life and it clearly depicts each of the seahorses many segmented parts.


The design of tattoo ideas for women depicted in this image shows the words “BE BRAVE” tattooed on the inside of a woman’s forearm. The text is in all capital letters and it is written in a bold, sans serif font.


The tiny tattoos idea depicted in this image shows a stylized heart which has been tattooed on a woman’s wrist. The heart looks as if it was hand drawn, since it is composed of two lines which are slightly thicker in areas where the person drawing it would naturally be pressing harder on the pen.


The tiny tattoo design depicted in this image shows a heartbeat which has been tattooed on the back of a woman’s neck. Specifically, this is how an individual heartbeat would appear on the type of heart monitor which is used in hospitals.


The tiny tattoo illustration depicted in this image shows a classic heart symbol which has been tattooed on a woman’s wrist. The lines of the heart are solid and of an even thickness and there is no color to this design.


The design of the tiny tattoo depicted in this image shows a cute cartoon elephant which has been tattooed on a woman’s ankle. The elephant is much decorated, and it has a flower design on its head, its belly, and its back.


The tiny tattoo image depicted here is of a stylized arrow which has been tattooed on a woman’s ring finger. The arrow shown is of the type which would be shot with a bow, and it has several feathers on the back end of the shaft.


The image of the tiny tattoo depicted here is of a cute cartoon bumblebee which has been tattooed on the inside of a woman’s wrist. The black and yellow areas of the bumblebee are colored, but the wings of the bumblebee have no color.


The illustration of the tiny tattoo in this image is of a bird which has been tattooed on a woman’s shoulder. The bird appears to be in mid-flight, based on how its wings and tail-feathers are positioned. The bird is not colored in this version of the design.


The small tattoo design depicted in this image is of an old-timey ship anchor which has been tattooed on a woman’s ankle. The drawing of the anchor is very simple, and it has no color. There are two points on the anchor, one on the left and one on the right, and there is a loop at the top of the anchor where a rope would be attached.


This is a tiny tattoos illustration for women depicting a blooming sunflower which has been tattooed on a woman’s shoulder. The tattoo is very detailed, and the style of the art makes the sunflower appear textured and very lifelike.


One of the best tattoo illustration ideas for women, this image shows several symbols which have been tattooed on a woman’s wrists. On her right wrist she has a tattoo of a cross. On her left wrist two symbols have been tattooed, one of which is a triangle with a line through it, while the other is a V-shape with a dot between the two prongs of the letter.


One of the best tiny tattoo illustrations, this image shows a fancy crown which has been tattooed on the inside of a woman’s finger. The crown is uncolored but very decorative, with jewels along the side and mounted on the top of the crown’s points.


One of the best tattoo ideas for women, this image shows a stylized and very detailed flower which has been tattooed on the inside of a woman’s ear. The flower is completely symmetrical, and looks more like a symbol of a flower than a real flower.


One of the best tiny tattoo designs for girls, this image is of a stylized cat silhouette which has been tattooed on a woman’s elbow. The cat’s whiskers, ears, and nose are visible, but its eyes, mouth, and individual paws are not. The cat’s tail is represented by a single thin line.


The tiny tattoo image shows an abstract symbol which has been tattooed on a woman’s ankle. The symbol is composed of just one line, it is uncolored, and it looks a bit like a human eye.


This is a great tiny tattoo idea that shows a very simple lightning bolt which has been tattooed on a woman’s wrist. The lightning bolt has two vertical sections and one horizontal section in between. It is uncolored.


The unique tiny tattoo designs depicted in this image are shown tattooed on the wrists of three different women. Each of the tattoos is of a stylized flower symbol, and while they are all drawn in the same style, they are each very unique.


One of the best tattoos ideas for women, this image shows a hand with its fingers crossed for luck which has been tattooed on a woman’s arm. The drawing is very simple, and the hand is shown with long painted fingernails.


The tiny tattoo idea shown in this image is of sun and moon symbols. The sun symbol has been tattooed on the wrist of a woman, while the moon symbol has been tattooed on the wrist of a man. Both of them are drawn in the same simple style and both of them are uncolored.


This quirky tattoo is of a geometric triangle on the hand. It can be shaded black or left as just as a line tattoo with a choice to have it on one wrist or both. Many get matching tattoos of this with a family member/friend to make a statement


A beautiful tiny tattoo for women is these small dandelions that are placed behind the ear. This delicate tattoo is simple in its design but very feminine and would look great on many girls out there.


Wear your heart on your sleeve, quite literally, with this design. The simple heart design with no shading necessary, actually turns into an infinity symbol at the bottom half of the tattoo. This gives it a unique style that really stands out.


This tiny tattoo is indeed very small but it’s still very detailed and pretty. It features two flower stalks intertwined together. This looks perfect on the wrist but would also look good on other areas of the body if you prefer.


This inking of a little pink flower is actually placed inside the ear itself, that’s how small it is. It’s a very feminine style and you can even make it look even better, as done in this picture, by placing it around a piercing (acting as the middle of the flower.)


This tiny tattoo located on the collarbone says the inspiring quote “live in a little”. It is in the old style font that you would find on typewriters years ago. It’s very unique and stands out from other tattoos due to the old fashioned vibe that has been injected.


If you are looking for tiny tattoo ideas, this pink flower design placed just on the ankle is perfect. It uses very simple shading, a hint of green for the stalks/leaves and pink for the small bunch of flowers themselves.


This expressive tattoo of a small sail boat on the wrist is very pretty and feminine. The ink is all in black and it even includes a small set of waves underneath the boat for an extra touch. A gorgeous piece if you are looking for tiny tattoos for girls.


This tattoo of little purple flowers behind the ear is simply stunning and would suit many women. The green leaves turn into the flowers and the overall style of the tattoo is very soft and feminine.


If you are looking for small tattoo ideas for women and want something simple, this is ideal. The mini plant strewn across the forearm in a sideward design is black in color, it looks very modern but cute too.


This tattoo of an owl is absolutely beautiful and very unique. The owl itself is in white but the array of colors surrounding him, making him 3D. This gives him an extra something special and almost makes him come to life.


This inking uses angles and a geometric design for a really unique but intelligent tattoo. If you really want to show off who you are as a person and get a great tattoo also, then this piece is ideal for you.


This tattoo of a feather placed delicately under the collarbone area uses shading to create a beautiful piece. Although small, it’s very well done and would look great on many women.


For a quirky tiny tattoo design that stands out from the crowd, this is perfect. It is a rocket and planet designed perfectly together on the foot. It remains simple but in terms of space tattoos, this one is out of this world.


This delicate and feminine tattoo is of an infinity symbol, with purple flowers displayed in the lines. It fits the neck/top of the back perfectly but this would also look nice placed on other areas of the body.


If you are an animal lover who is looking for a tiny tattoos idea, why not go for this cute elephant? The fact the tattoo is so small is quite ironic considering the animals are so big. It’s a simple but eye catching inking.


This tattoo of a paper airplane is placed at an angle at the back/side of the foot, like it’s about to take flight. It is very unique but looks modern and would suit many women out there.


For a simple but sweet tattoo of a balloon, this design really stands out. If you are looking for tattoos ideas that have no fuss, a black line inking of a balloon floating up your arm or leg is ideal but you could even add some color.


You can’t get more classic than a red rose tattoo and this super small design is simple yet attractive. It features the bud of the rose itself, accompanied by a couple of tiny green leaves to finish it off nicely.


A tattoo on the shoulder is sexy but simple and this small one really stands out. It is of a stem/flower positioned in a sideward position. If you are looking for tiny tattoos, this one is perfect.


If you are a lover of anything spooky or supernatural, this alien tattoo would be awesome. It’s very small and simple in its design but it is very well done, with a cute alien face staring forwards.


This inking features two fish swimming around each other, it’s designed very well and it almost looks like you are looking down at the creatures. Shading is used really well in this tattoo and provides something unique.


For something girlie and cute, this pink blossom tattoo stands out from others and is worth considering. Despite the size of the inking, the use of color on this tattoo is awesome and it makes it appear like a very detailed piece.


If you want the smallest of tattoos on your foot, this plant/flower is perfect. It is a black line design and it would look great on a number of different women looking for something simple.


This tattoo is done just below the breast for a cute and sexy style that is increasing in popularity. The black tattoo is of a stem of berries and also features a lone single leaf.

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